created with generative intelligent computer algorithms (AI)
In this project, thousands of computer-generated images are assembled into mosaics of faces. 

These mosaic images are generated by state of the art intelligent computer algorithms (AI). The images are made up of small tiles with a specific theme, generated by the stable diffusion AI program. The main face image is made up of hundreds of individual image tiles, resulting in a stunning and intricate mosaic.

Printed and mounted as a real 80x100cm framed picture in a room, these works of art create a unique effect. The main content of the image is obscured by the tiles, but remains clearly visible. In contrast, hundreds of similar but unique tiles create a complex scene when viewed closely.

Below you can visit the gallery of all images,
zoom in on the images, and see how they look as real images presented in a room.

room views
gallery of eight faces
in rooms
  • 00114_175038__M_02_R1 Kopie.png
  • 00114_175038__M_02_R2 Kopie.png
  • 00236_012608__M_01-R1 Kopie.png
  • 00236_012608__M_01-R2 Kopie.png
  • 00353_020845__M_06 Kopie.png