created with generative intelligent computer algorithms (AI)

I want to create new types of aesthetic images that are self-contained.

Through the use of deep learning and text-to-image models, abstract and lifelike images of human faces are generated on the basis of text descriptions. 
Selected images are then
manipulated by computer scripts, including the addition of colour and colour grading.
Mosaics of hundreds of faces or other images are created as tiles.
Images of individual faces are also modified by the addition of
computer-generated textures. I combine different techniques to achieve the desired effects.

A selection of these creations are shown in the  exhibitions below.
face made of faces

This exhibition features examples of face2face mosaics. The main facial images are composed of hundreds of different faces, resulting in stunning and intricate mosaics.

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face textures
On display are images of individual faces. Each AI-generated face is combined with a special pattern that highlights the facial characteristics.

mosaic faces
Mosaic displays of faces are presented, consisting of tiles that exhibit AI-generated images. The images themselves give distinctive characteristics to the facial features that are displayed.

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in rooms
The digital artwork is exhibited as hard copies in computer-generated spaces.

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